Predator: Hunting Grounds (PS4)

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Hunt or be hunted. Survive the hunt or stalk your Prey on this tense multiplayer shooter primarily based on the long-lasting Predator sequence.predator: looking grounds is an immersive asymmetrical shooter set within the jungles of South America, the place the Predator stalks probably the most difficult Prey.play as a member of an elite fireplace crew and full paramilitary operations earlier than the Predator finds you. Or, play because the Predator to hunt probably the most worthy Prey, selecting from an array of lethal alien Tech to gather your trophies, one after the other.the predator’s mission is evident: the hunt. Study the Warriors within the jungle and select the most effective of the most effective to interact. Dispatch your targets and acquire trophies to show as tokens of every hunt. Do not let your Prey escape. Failure will not be an choice.
plasma caster firing armour penetrating plasma Bolts throughout lengthy distances, this highly effective shoulder mounted Cannon is likely one of the predator’s deadliest weapons.
wrist Blades when prepared for the kill, use this pair of bolstered Blades for a visceral melee assault.
mixture compact and straightforward to cover when not in use, The combi stick extends to change into a deadly Spear helpful each in shut fight or from a distance.
good disc it might be small, however the good disc is among the many most deadly gadgets within the predator’s arsenal. When thrown, it makes use of a steering system to hunt a number of targets earlier than returning to the Predator..yautja bow A traditional Hunter’s weapon, the bow is mild and compact till extenders for energy and distance as a tactical compound bow


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