How to Mute Retweets on Twitter

How to Mute Retweets on Twitter Leave a comment

In 2012 folks joked that Twitter was a spot to discuss what you had for lunch. In 2022 the joke is that it’s a spot to scroll once you need to really feel completely depressing.

Twitter is a hellsite. We all understand it. The query is why.

My principle: Retweets did it. This easy button, which permits anybody to share another person’s tweet with their followers, turned posting right into a online game the place incomes essentially the most consideration from the most individuals grew to become the top purpose. There are instances when that is nice—when somebody makes a really humorous joke, for instance. But the convenience of the retweet button prompts folks to impulsively share, as a substitute of taking the time to sort out their very own ideas. And it seems what folks actually like impulsively sharing is stuff that makes them offended.

Glance on the trending part proper now—I’m certain half of it’s “someone said something stupid/offensive/wrong and people are mad,” or some variation on that. I, for one, assume Twitter could be a greater place with out retweets, so I found out how to not see retweets anymore. It made my timeline quite a bit calmer, and my life much less tense. Here’s how you are able to do it, too.

How to Mute All Retweets

There’s no official method to cease seeing all retweets, however there’s a workaround. It’s slightly little bit of a hack, however it works very well. To get began, open Twitter’s settings and head to Privacy and Safety, then Mute and block, or click on here.

Twitter by way of Justin Pot

Click the plus button within the top-right nook to add a brand new phrase to mute. Now, add “RT @.” Like this:

Twitter by way of Justin Pot

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